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Who We Are

We are a not for profit organisation built by the industry leaders in Tasmania to promote the forest industry and related jobs.

The Hub is overseen and managed by a governing board represented by Forico, Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Timberlands Pacific, Norske Skog, NSFP Smartfibre Pty Ltd, Waratah Forestry Equipment Pty Ltd, Casegrande Lumber Pty Ltd and Technical Forest Services.

What We Do

The purpose of the Hub is to facilitate the promotion of the forest industry training and careers with particular focus on harvesting, transport and silviculture; the provision of information on those careers; to provide a training facility with in-field capability; to act as a referral agency to industry endorsed training providers and to act as a conduit for people seeking a career in the forest industry to prospective employers.

Why We Do It

We do this to improve the quality of training and promote the many careers available in the industry throughout Australia. As we are one of the worlds leading countries in forest and wood products our goal is to enhance the safety, environmental and production values through better education and access to structured training.

With improved training practices we are helping to secure local jobs and offering careers for generations to come.